Alan is a constant source of entertainment around here. Seriously, this goat cracks me up. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day at work it can be turned around just by looking out the window and catching a glimpse of him and his antics. 🐐#goatsofinstagram #instagoat #goatsofig #goatstagram #wether #nigeriandwarfgoat
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Had a great time visiting Kirsten @hostilevalleyliving in Maine yesterday. I absolutely love her barn, and I imagine the one that was on our property that fell in the 70’s would have been similar. Can’t beat their natural light and beauty 😍 #barnlove #oldbarns #antiquebarn #mainefarms #oldfarm #naturallight #vacationland #nofilterneeded
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I’m heading up to visit @hostilevalleyliving tomorrow to take pictures for Kirsten’s upcoming book! Very excited to see her again, and also my girl Tater 😍 I don’t know what it is about her but I am just drawn to her. Maybe it’s the wattles? Last time I was there...
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Goat’s Milk Lotion has been added to the Etsy store! 🧖🏼‍♀️This time of year is so hard on my skin. Dueling wood stoves going all day and night, without any humidifiers. My house is dry, dry, dry. I have tried every lotion: Vaseline, Aveeno, Jergens, you name it. Even though...
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I love my night chores. Mornings are rushed because of work, so evenings are much slower paced. Even when it’s well below zero I still find myself spending a considerable amount of time in the barn. Feeding, watering, petting, and sweeping. I have a routine, and so do the animals....
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Ducks are maniacs. -10* and she couldn’t dunk her head far enough into the water bucket. Eventually she crawled right in 😬🦆 #ducksofinstagram #howardtheduck #instaduck #waterfowl #duckingcrazy #duckstagram #ducking
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