One of our favorite winter activities is settling in to paint, or draw, or color on a cold, grey afternoon - and even better when the rays of sun peek into the breakfast nook and light our work. Youngest asked me to color with him this week and I finally...
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He's not perfect. Neither am I. But we can choose to stay in the game, to engage in the battle side-by-side instead of toe-to-toe. And we have, more times than we haven't. Praying that as you go into this interesting combination of holidays today, you're reminded of how love requires...
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Recipe development and photography... such a rough job.
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@strauhaus_creative made the prettiest framed scripture art and she's giving it away to a reader at Everyday Welcome!! I'm sharing tips for practicing meaningful hospitality (and they're coming in handy at our house this month so I know they'll encourage you)- go be encouraged and enter to win! #linkinprofileπŸ‘†πŸ» ❀...
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Well hello little flurries. I'm happy/sad the sunshine will overcome you today, and I think I will just stay near the window and enjoy the warmth inside, but all the while appreciate that you came by.
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