When new friends whom you somehow know will become longtime friends adventure with you and pack fun(ny) snacks for exploring the big city and make you laugh and end the day gathered round the table sharing another meal but START the day with coffee beans they roasted themselves... yeah, that's...
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Recipe development and photography... such a rough job.
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@strauhaus_creative made the prettiest framed scripture art and she's giving it away to a reader at Everyday Welcome!! I'm sharing tips for practicing meaningful hospitality (and they're coming in handy at our house this month so I know they'll encourage you)- go be encouraged and enter to win! #linkinprofile👆🏻 ❤...
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Well hello little flurries. I'm happy/sad the sunshine will overcome you today, and I think I will just stay near the window and enjoy the warmth inside, but all the while appreciate that you came by.
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Snow days, snow days. Everyone else is (wisely?!) enjoying a late morning sleep... this one is flopping around counting minutes till he can get out in it and then retreat with neighbor buddies for cocoa and games. I'm just here hoping to read and write maybe nap and have a...
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