this outfit is still my favourite so forgive me for posting it again ❄️✨
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Will I ever be confident in my creativity? Today’s post is questioning why I never feel like I’m good enough, especially when it comes to my Creative Writing uni career. It does also include a bit of a pep talk that I can look back on - and that I...
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The babe here is my new @ctilburymakeup love 😍 Thought I’d dedicate a blog post to the item I’ve been using every time I put on makeup! How are we feeling about do-it-all products? I for one am converted if it’s this damn good 💖 Link in bio for the...
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When your love for a caption tee grows too strong and you have to move on to other clothing items
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A few years ago I wrote a post about how I only wash my hair once a week. But back then I had long brunette hair - now my routine has had to change quite a bit thanks to all the bleaching 💁‍♀️ So I’ve written an update for you...
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when I once looked presentable and wasn’t writing about how influential Raymond Chandler was 💕
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