Today's post is about dressing bolder, how I've been making more colourful and confident choices because I finally feel like I'm coming into my own style 💖 Link in bio if you want to read!
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One day I won’t be wearing polka dots or looking so tired, but today is not that day ❣️
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Today’s post is titled ‘A Letter to the Girl Who Doesn’t Hate Her Ex-Boyfriend’ ❣️ Clicking ‘publish’ on this one was a little nerve-wracking! Not only is it about love and heartbreak and moving on, it’s about accepting that I have to open up my heart again. Open it up...
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It’s a cute picture of me enjoying a chip if you ignore the bin behind me 🍟 There’s a new post up about call-out culture, James Gunn and why we all need to pay more attention to nuance on the internet. Basically, I’m sick of people being vicious to other...
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I was having such a good time on holiday and then in the last three days I had two migraines which basically floored me. Since being back for nearly a week I’ve felt out of sorts both physically and mentally, but what I HAVE managed to do is write my...
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