Today is the day! It’s #BlogAtTheBeach day 🙌🏻 I’m 40 minutes early for my multiple trains to Leeds and I have all the snacks. Am I prepared or what?! I can’t wait to start reading a book on the trains also and kinda relax in a way (@lbqblog by me...
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Current mood seeing as October is like a second Summer and it’s all bright sunshine and too hot. I want knitwear, not sweat season pt.2 @emmaslifeedit by me 📸
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This picture gives me real British vibes, but also real “Spice up your Life” vibes ✌🏻 The LA BABE that is @alexmichaelmay by me 📸
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It’s Monday and I made it a productive one! I edited 2 sets of photos and started a third. I did some admin and some emails and finished up at an event in London. I’d call that a win. It totally means I can relax a little later on in...
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