Today is the day! It’s #BlogAtTheBeach day 🙌🏻 I’m 40 minutes early for my multiple trains to Leeds and I have all the snacks. Am I prepared or what?! I can’t wait to start reading a book on the trains also and kinda relax in a way (@lbqblog by me...
by fordtography 7 months ago | via Instagram

🌻SunDaze pt.2🌻 A self portrait
by fordtography 2 days ago | via Instagram

🌻SunDaze🌻 A self portrait
by fordtography 3 days ago | via Instagram

Tonights agenda: kit prep and beauty sleep. Got a wedding to shoot tomorrow 📸 Maybe I’ll add some Supernatural to tonights agenda also 🙊 @emmaslifeedit by me 📸
by fordtography 5 days ago | via Instagram

Oh look. An original caption about the weather. IS AUTUMN COMING YET?? The rain today actually thrilled me I’m not gonna lie. After shooting I was prancing around in it ☔️ @winyeemichelle by me 📸
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🌻🌻🌻 Such a beautiful day off with one of my “IRL baes” @thehairblairbunch Shot by me 📸
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