"Wait" it was my word last year and I finally surrendered (not so gracefully) on most things in 2017. This years word "seek first" and guess what...ya struggling there too! I want Him to do all the things now, I want to surrender but I fight it every ste
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* ポメラニアンのむぎちゃん????✨ * ふんわり長持ちコース+セラミドパックと ピュアミスイオンスチーマーを セレクトしていただきました❣️ * 被毛はふわふわに✨お肌も保湿???? ピュアミスイオンスチーマーでより浸透率もアップされます???? * むぎちゃん、今日もトリミング頑張ってくれました⭐️⭐️ * * #trimming #tenshiba #tennoji #osaka #trimmingsalon #grass #トリミング #てんしば #天王寺 #大阪 #てんしばgrass #in
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Have you met our Crazy/Yoga teacher Summer Violet ? 1. What's your favourite place in Warsaw? My favourite place in Warsaw is the Chopin museum where there are daily live playings of his work 2. What do you love the most about our Hostel? I love how fu
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