[Anzeige] Nachdem ich das @Silknde eine Woche lang getestet habe, möchte ich euch meine Ergebnisse damit auf meinem Blog vorstellen: hat es das Fett wirklich abbauen können, habe ich wirklich an Bauchumfang verloren und sehen die Muskeln strammer aus? ??
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Happy Sunday! ???? headed out on a photo shoot to capture some of my favorite Connecticut Front Doors for a blog post. The warmer weather has encouraged people to put out their planters - they’re all so gorgeous! ???? Also, I’ve been crushing on bandanas
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Happy Sunday peeps! ???? Yesterday was a total success, we officially finished rebricking the fireplace which I’m totally stoked about because we’ve pretty much been at a stand still waiting to get the holes repaired. So after we finished we headed over a
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