Yesterday I hung out with llamas, cows and this amazing couple. Our first shoot was rescheduled because it was 12 degrees and snowy. So we crashed Kenny’s birthday yesterday and took these killer photos on their friend’s farm. I’m dying 😍 * * * * * * * #kbdigitaldesigns #coloradophotographer...
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There’s never enough Cabelas and Bass Pro giftcards I can get this man. Double tap if your Dad is the same way. Happy Fathers Day, “Yoda best Dad ever,” ... (stole that from the card I got him) I wouldn’t want to sweat my ass off on a boat in...
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Coming up with captions is exhausting. I’m posting this because I really like this photo, the color of the bridesmaids dresses and all these ladies - although you can’t see their pretty faces.
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Two miracle babies for this sweet family! I love getting to photograph their pregnancies and love!
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June, although you’re kicking off busy season you’ve been pretty good to me on the weekends. I was able to be a guest at a wedding, go to an awesome masquerade ball for @kenziscauses and this weekend we’ll be heading out to the Bradshaw family reunion! 🤩 Then I wrap...
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I don’t normally share ceremony photos but I also don’t normally have this kind of light! 😍 Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Bremmer! What a killer wedding yesterday with so many familiar faces and past clients. 💕 Enjoy the Bahamas you two!
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