Happiest of birthdays to my lovely sister from another mister (Rog) @oliveyou215. I’m so happy you were born and don’t know what I would do without you. Can’t wait until I see you next! I hope you enjoy many vod sods and mojitos today! 💋💃🏼🌴💕#comfortbunnies #5htp #jajaja #otothalo
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Starting this SEC weekend off right with my A1 🥰🏈 #winorlosewestillbooze
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Thanksgiving 🦃 2018 is off to a wonderful start! #Friendsgiving with dearest lifelong friends and a delicious southern fried chicken feast! 🍁🍗🥕🥧🍰 #southerncooking #peppapig
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Had the best time celebrating this 👰🏼 last night. Can’t wait for #thefuturelauduns #schusaysiwill #happilyEmmaAfter
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