St Anastasia is heading to her new home today ❤️ I’m not taking commissions for more custom art for a while, but that’s just do I can offer everyone more originals and work on other special projects in the coming year—- stay tuned!
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Antoinette’s poof is growing in 😂😂😂can’t wait to see her grow into a grand polish chicken! #polishchicken #babychick #urbanchickens #urbanhomestead #bantam
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Today on Grow Christians, I’m sharing about how we turned an old shed into our own sacred space by making it a garden chapel! Read about #stfrancisofthegarden at @fwd_mvt
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A shepherdess 🐑
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A friends taught a group of us how to make felted soap! Mine was lavender soap so I put a lavender flower on mine (bottom left) Audrey made the other two!
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New listing in my etsy shop this morning-- It is my intention to donate $50 from the sale of this painting to the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley Respite Center. THe mission of the center is "an effort which began last summer due to the influx of immigrants...
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