Everett: always smiling. Carson: just trying to keep up. #thegaddboys
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When I first learned I was due in February, I arbitrarily marked December 1st as the day I wanted to “slow down.”⠀ ⠀ As a type 3 prone to workaholism and seeking worth in my accomplishments, slowing down is not something I do well. The last time I was pregnant,...
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File this under: things I wish existed the first two times I had babies (along with madewell maternity jeans and a front facing Ergo 💯). Shoutout to @artifactuprising for making a baby book I actually want to work on. 💕 p.s. you can snag your own for $99 with promo...
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If you’ve ever wondered how to take great pictures of your kids, the answer is candy bribes and potty jokes. For example: this adorable 4-year-old sitting atop my pregnant belly shot is brought to you by the repeated phrase, “whatever you do, don’t toot on your baby sister!” #behindthescenes #instagramsecrets
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