Found this handmade pottery plaque at Good Will today— does anyone know what language this is? Or what it says??
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Dad found this amazing family photo of all the Sapulpa whitesides in my grandmas things. Evidently everyone is freaked out how much my great granny pansy looks like me 😂 @rocketship22 grandma pansy and grandpa Clarence are on the far right, my grandma is the littlest girl scowling up front...
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The circle of life continues in the chicken yard— after we lost 2 babies, I decided we would take a little bantam girl a friend was needing to cull from her flock but couldn’t stand to butcher. This is little miss Victoria...she’s tiny and has a limp...but she is sooo...
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Looks like I’m gonna dust off the old homeschooling mama hat for a bit next month as it is very likely the teachers in Oklahoma will go on strike (totally with them on it too ✊) buuuut in order to not lose my mind we are gonna have to have...
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The girls have been busy, so we have quiche!
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First day of spring, prairie summer these will be yummy peaches!
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