nieuw speelgoed voor onze andere kindjes. 🐰🐰
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my parents, brother and bunnies (on the rainbow bridge) aren’t pictured but i keep them close to my heart, just like these two, my biggest loves. #ilove #augustbreak2018
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last year was all about the balancing act. was there balance to be found? i guess there was on some level. we’re not quite there yet but i’m hanging in there. #lastyear #augustbreak2018
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spotted: @liese2408 browsing ostend’s finest boutique @shoplily_. it was my first time visiting since they moved across the street and i must say: ostend lily boss @ellendistave did a wonderful job. the space, that light, perfection.
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me-time met @liese2408 in oostende vandaag.
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sunday night. three weeks of vacation finished, three more days to go. ready for a night of netflix and chill. not that i don’t do this on non-vacation days but nowadays there’s no regret in doing so. tiny bags under my eyes: i wish they were chanel but life with...
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