boekenwurm. ๐Ÿ’•
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these two always manage to make me laugh, one way or another. โ™ก #makesmelaugh #augustbreak2018
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when i was younger i was always in search and/or need of love. of course i was (and still am) loved very much by my parents but i was looking for love in many different ways including friendship and self-love. it took me years but i let go of certain...
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er bestaat zoโ€™n spreekwoord over diamanten en ontbijt, maar @josefien_de_bock was al met deze tagline gaan lopen (โ€˜no hard feelingsโ€™ voor de leukste looptrut ever, hoor!). bij het bewerken van de foto bedacht ik me trouwens dat dit wellicht een van de eerste keren was dat we hetzelfde op ons...
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too tired to post a photo on instagram last night. a photo of the notebook in my bedroom: despite the pen that accompanies it, i barely manage to write something down. most of the time, i go to bed quite late and get up early, so no time or energy...
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back to work today. currently halfway through the first day and already looking forward to picking up this munchkin from daycare tonight. #longing #augustbreak2018
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