Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! We're in the last few DAYS now before our due date and my nesting phase is officially back in motion. Today we moved all of the last few newborn things into place like the swing and his little tub for the sink and...
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I've been house dreaming again lately (because that is just who I am). I tend to find houses I like and create FULL mood boards on Pinterest with ideas for how to fix it up. I dream about the different things we would add or the adventures we would have...
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Part two of our party weekend: Emmet's Second Birthday! Read more about it (and how adorable Emmet was) on the blog (Link in profile) Food and Catering: @mojoscoffeebar #emmetjames #birthday #secondbirthday #birthdayparty #toddlerlife #candidchildhood #candidmotherhood #candidmoms #smallbutmighty #letthembelittle #letthembefree
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A close up from my newest design. Fabric is ordered and I'm finishing up a fun print to go in the shop too! Plus I heard that I'm collaborating with a friend on the print, but you'll have to wait for more details... When Dave and I were dog shopping...
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My tiny astronauts šŸŒ‘āœØšŸŒ‘āœØšŸŒ‘āœØšŸŒ‘āœØ I hope some day their imaginations take them to the moon together. #emmetjames #henrydavidgaeddert #emmetandhenry #brotherlylove #brothers #candidchildhood #candidmotherhood #letthembelittle #smallbutmighty
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