I just can't believe how good these Black Sesame and Durian Roll cake by @gulunggulung.jkt is! 😍🤤 . The charcoal sponge cake was so fluffy, moist and rich! 😉 #Soompeat
by paulustjia 6 months ago | via Instagram

That simple Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice was delicious yet satisfying! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
by paulustjia 5 days ago | via Instagram

A bowl of Japanese style pork rice topped with shredded nori is just perfect for meal! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
by paulustjia 6 days ago | via Instagram

The so-called salted egg waffle with gold dust and charcoal waffle! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
by paulustjia 1 week ago | via Instagram