Saturday night’ing! Tatum had SO much fun being a belle dancer! 💗
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The summer somehow went by way too quickly and these 2 are off to 3rd and 4th grade this morning! I am going to miss them SO much! Praying they have a wonderful year full of learning, fun, growing and being the light of Jesus! 📚✂️✏️
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Happy Sunday!
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Last thing on the summer bucket list, build a bear as a family! ✔️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
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Today was the challenge party for memorizing all the books of the Bible, divisions, disciples and 5 very long verses! Cade loves a good challenge! So thankful for our church and the Kidlothian ministry!
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Meet the teacher was a success! We have a very excited 3rd grade girl and 4th grade boy ready for a new school year at a new school! Now I’m off to soak up the last 3 days of summer!
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