You're going to have to forgive me for tooting my own horn for the next month or so until I get this exhibit underway... BUT JUST LOOK AT THE PROMOTIONAL BANNER! It is a weird nervous thrill to see my art so big and so public. . . . #oxfordshireartweeks...
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Extended birthday celebration... Sunset swimming and dribble castles galore. Love this lake.
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I came the long way around the world for this lake.
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Thank you all for your wonderful positive vibes -- it took too long days to get here, but we landed softly and are eating all the watermelon and wearing all the dress-ups.
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So, Tokyo has been an absolute roller coaster for me, and I'm crying uncle... It has been agonizing to make this decision, but now it's done: I'm taking the kids to the States to be with my family, while my husband stays here to finish his research. . . ....
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Sad Awnings of Tokyo
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