Volunteers in #madisonwisconsin are getting active #fortheanimals suffering needlessly in @mcdonalds supply chain. Want to get involved!? Click the link in our profile to email @mcdonaldscorp leadership demanding they stop abusing animals! . . . . . . . . . . . #thehumaneleague #humaneleague #animalwelfare #vegan #vegano #vegana #vegans...
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@mcdonalds refused to address the serious animal cruelty happening in its chicken supply chains in 2018! 🐓 Will this finally change in 2019⁉️
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❗️Out with the cruelty, in with the compassion❗️ @mcdonalds show some compassion this year by pledging to a meaningful welfare policy! 🐓
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⁉️Why should consumers make it a resolution to boycott @mcdonalds this new year⁉️ Go to the link in our bio to find out! 👆
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