We're not just tooting our own horn when we say: There's so much good information on our podcast! Our own Dr. Dewey talked all about bee stings in Episode 2 of our Pet Talk Podcast. Here's a little teaser for you... Find Pet Talk Podcast by Alicia Pet Care Center...
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Music can make everything better, right? So here are a couple of adorable cats that are staying with us right now to help get us all through the week!
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How about we get some #TongueOutTuesday action going today? Post your pet with their tongue out and mention @apccvet in the comments for a chance to win a free bath for your dog at our hospital during October!
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ONE WEEK LEFT for you to possibly win a $250 Amazon Gift Card! And... you can vote for a member of our APCC staff at the same time. We're all about that 2 birds 1 stone thing for you with this. We appreciate any and all of your votes for...
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