Todays screenie. Theme is available at themeGalaxy themes. Weather is Eye In Sky and is available on my website. Icons too #teamandroid #themegalaxy #colorful #pinkdroidlover
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Todays screenie. I'm not sure who made the wall but please let me know if it's you so I can tag you :)
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Tonight's screenie #teamandroid #themegalaxy #s9+
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To those of you whose custom fonts in themeGalaxy dont work, I found this app that does work. To add a custom font, it's free if you watch an ad or pay $2.99 for no ads. It's worth trying 😎
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I found this app that let's you make your own icons on your phone and it themes all of them. Swipe left. Its called Icon Pack Studio.
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Tonight's screen. I will be submitting to themeGalaxy tomorrow. #teamandroid #themegalaxy #s9plus #pinkandwhite
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