How the process generally goes. This is about two hours for me.
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I swam with a jellyfish! I saw the underwater statues! There are so many murals here! I got food poisoning! I don’t care! Everything is awesome!!!! 😍😍😍
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Paradise, Isla Mujeres. We did a few clean-ups. Because even on the cleanest beaches, there are little pieces of plastic everywhere. And some big pieces. And other stuff.
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One of our boat mates took this picture during our swim - in case you were wondering how big a whale shark is (biggest fish in the sea!)
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We said goodbye to our sweet, sweet boy Jack tonight. We fought really hard for him and we’re grateful for the extra time we had... but our hearts are absolutely shattered. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us along the way - we appreciate all of your kind words. We...
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