🖥For every friend referred to us gets a ballot entered into the draw! - 🖥Refer as many friends or family members as you want and your chances will be that much higher! - 🖥Contest goes for the month of June! - 🖥Our winner will be announced June 30th
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Did you know that detoxing can elevate energy levels, increase brain function, improve digestion, reduce weight and improve sleep patterns? Come in on Tuesday October 30th at 7:30pm to begin the DETOX CHALLENGE! The detox challenge is a free 30-day challenge, through the month of November. The challenge will leave...
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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Use this time to spend with your loved ones, and reflect on everything in your life you are thankful for! We will be closed Monday October 8th for Thanksgiving, but we will see back at the clinic on Tuesday! Have a great long weekend 😊
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Come in to the clinic on Friday, September 29th at 12:30pm to learn about the CLA CoreScore test! This painless, 10 minute procedure, helps determine the health of your nervous system. Dr. Mahen will delve more in depth and describe exactly how the procedure works. We are lucky enough at...
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