#tbt to a few weeks ago when the latest @revbrewchicago League of Heroes v4 was announced. Here’s part 1 of a fun 3 part series we created for them if you didn’t catch it the first time.
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How awesome is it to work with friends? Every gig with @furnacefps is a joy and our latest trip to DC was no exception. Plus, we get to pick where we eat! @momofukudc was an obvious choice, but this @stillwater_artisanal extra dry was a surprise winner. And what a can...
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A cardamom explosion in D.C. if you’re in town, you’ve got to check this place out
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The weathering on ol’ Ben reminds us of our #wheatpaste for @rmchicago years ago. Wonder how Elsa Maxwell is holding up these days.
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Got our open pit on this weekend. Think we’d get in trouble if we dug a pit in Humboldt Park next weekend?
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Last nights storm
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