To all of the father figures in our lives, THANK YOU! Enjoy a class pass sale through Monday, June 18th! 10 class pass - $110 (save $20!) 5 class pass - $60 (save &10!)
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So excited for our @hydrangeatoo pop up shop at SoulShine this weekend! Swing by Saturday, December 15th 8:00-12:00pm and get some amazing discounts on fabulous accessories for the body and home! Whether your treating yourself, or buying something for a loved one, we’ve got you covered!!! Practice with Noelle at...
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Upside down, or right side up? Flip your perspective and do what makes your soul shine!
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We’re offering a BOGO sale on this week’s YinYasa class with Apryl again! Join @apes.lark for class Wednesday at 8:30am, being a friend and you can split the cost of one class, or one of you can practice for free! *please note a class pass cannot be used if you...
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