These days where the weather app tells me it feels like 102° outside (and stepping out the door my body tells me it feels like the temperature of the sun, roughly)...not going to lie. I kinda love it. Feels like summer is really here. .. .. #summertime #summer #nothingsweeterthansummertime #dianasgreenthumb...
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My first morning glory bloomed!!!!! It’s not much of a stretch to say this is the most exciting thing that’s happened all day. .. .. #morningglory #dianasgreenthumb #igrewthat
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Of all the drinks I’ve made this summer, this Blackberry Long Island Ice Tea is one of my favorites. I finally found a Long Island that I like! Pretty sure I’ll be making again this summer. On the blog! .. .. #fromdianaskitchen #ontheblog #blackberry #longislandicetea
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Lake fireworks were 👌🏻👌🏻. Besides Luke jumping in the lake fully clothed but Sam slept through it all! .. .. #lakepleasantin #fireworks #thirtyonedaysofsummerfun
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Growing up, my family used to joke that I should be weighed before and after blueberry picking because I’d eat at least half of what I picked. These days it’s semi-frantically picking to get as many berries as possible before one or both kids are DONE while also catching up...
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I never had gelato before making my own. Turns out, super easy and tastes remarkably like ice cream. But food ice cream! Recipe on the blog yesterday. #timely .. .. #icecreamoftheweek #fromdianaskitchen #gelato #strawberries #ontheblog
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