My sister took me to see Potted Potter today as an early birthday gift. It was so funny! And you even get a scroll as you enter (the playbill). . . ⚡👭 #pottedpotter #toronto #earlybirthdaygift #sistertime #harrypotterparody
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Stalking squirrels at the park and making snow angels! We even spotted an albino red squirrel, some greys and lots of black squirrels. All were quite plump and fought over food that someone left for them. Lil Miss loved them and kept trying to call them to her. #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerlife...
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Decorating her little Christmas tree! She's so excited for Christmas this year and can't wait to see Santa. She even picked out a few new "kid friendly" ornaments today (cupcakes, stars and bells). . . #3rdChristmas #trimmingthetree #toddlersofinstagram #countdowntochristmas
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Woot Woot! Caught two shiny Pokemon tonight! 😀 #PokemonGo #shinypokemon
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