Group trail runs always turn into solo trail runs because I'm slower than molasses in January when out on a trail. Especially a fairly technical trail. It's still nice knowing there are other runners out there, though. . Last night's sunset was lovely, too.
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What I learned on today's run ... The Strip is only for the weekends! . With all the stop lights and the pedestrian bridges, this run took longer than I should have attempted before work. 😳 . I was still just my normal amount of late, though. So, nothing bad....
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Stats from today's run: 4 stumbles (but no falls) 1 rock in my shoe 3 course corrections 1 jackrabbit sighting 10 miles 10 pics 14:50/mile pace . . This was my attempt to preview the #TrailsofGlory #halfmarathon. The plan was to preview miles 1-2, then cut over to mile 8...
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Work has been crazy busy the past week or so. Like unending!! . Glad I got a nice run in before work. Just a little easy, recovery run to start the day. Some stretches were easier than others but overall a pretty great run, I'd say.
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