Group trail runs always turn into solo trail runs because I'm slower than molasses in January when out on a trail. Especially a fairly technical trail. It's still nice knowing there are other runners out there, though. . Last night's sunset was lovely, too.
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Kicked off Week 2 of #halfmarathontraining with a little recovery run. I took full advantage of the easy pace! 🤣 . . . . . #runforlife #nikeplusrunning #nrc #fitat40 #sweatpink #sweatnowglowlater #recoveryrun #slowandeasy #beatyesterday #runstrong #runchat #runnerslife
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4.1 miles for my 41st birthday! 🎉 Pretty great start to my special day/weekend. LOL . Plus I tried out a pair of my new @tabio.usa socks. I love how they hug my arches. 😍 And definitely felt supported on my run. Which was HOT!🔥🔥 . Now lots of chores...
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#benchmarkrun today for D3 of #halfmarathontraining. . 7 min warmup 3 min hard 5 min cool down . The guided run stresses running really slowly during the warmup and cool down, so I did. 🤣 . Warmup - 11:48 pace Cool down - 12:50 pace . Those 3 minutes? 8:14...
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This morning's #yoga included some meditation. @catmeffan included a mantra of I AM NOT MY BODY as a way to remind ourselves that we are more than our body image. A reminder to look beyond what we see in the mirror. I don't like to admit that I have body...
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Yesterday, I wasn't sure what was next. Today, I decided to train for a half marathon. 🤣 . I'll be following a #nrc training plan and throwing in some {regular} yoga plus other workouts. I'm excited!! . . . . . #nikeplusrunning #nikerunclub #halfmarathontraining #runforlife #sweatpink #sweatnowglowlater #letsrun #runstrong
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