never fail to miss a pumping session. Guess this would be a norm to me till... When? I dono... #bottlefeed #ebm #expressingbreastmilk #mamalife
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I think since after i bought fish, i start my lunch box routine again. Trying to find easy cooking style, currently feel that cooking soup is as easy as i thought. Thank god with the creation of packaging ingredients nowadays. Try my best to bring 2 to 3 times lunchbox...
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少了一个跟我吃饭,谈心事,听了我的烂笑话还会嘎嘎笑,共同努力,关怀,耍白痴的人。最重要还很会安慰我,看到我最弱的时候。也因为有你,我要强而保护你。不舍也要割爱。愿你闯出一片彩虹天。永远支持你!! #你害我泪浅了
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This photo feels like taken oversea. Oklah, anggap we went oversea then. #chillingwithbb
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八年来,身边的人陆续走了,很多人问我为了什么还在这儿?我想说,我不希望你们为我伤心,送我礼物,告别等。。。才怪,我没那么伟大。哈哈哈哈。。。 我比较想挥一挥的那种,或努力一下不留一点后悔和遗憾吧。再见! #colleaguefarewell. This caption does not really apply to my colleagues farewell macam. Hahahaha. Good luck in your new journey ahead.
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妈妈帮我扮可爱,说我是她的熊孩子,还真的把我扮成熊叻。带我来这冷的地方。。好特别。3个小时我还没吵饿呢。嘻嘻。还撩妹呢。 Bear kid bear jacket.
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