From yesterday’s stroll around Karang Bolong Beach. Wrong clothes, sit still, looks awesome! 🌴 #alviansilver
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While hunting for some street food in Japan, Nothing could goes wrong with this Salmon Unagi don 😍 #alviansilverjapan #LiveMoreSociety #CulinaryChallengeDBS #DBSxHIF @dbsbankid @handsinframe
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Just another portrait of @jasonbustam 🦊 #alviansilver
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Trying the newest street snack stall in Pondok Indah Mall ! O.M.JI @omjichicken is going to open soon at 17th August 2018. Make sure you come and try their juicy chicken 🙆🏻‍♂️ #alviansilver
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Rate this mood and tones ! 🍃 #alviansilver
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Ngopi gak pernah salah, yee gak ? Paling gak bisa kemana” tanpa ngopi. Mau liburan pun harus ngopi. Ngopi ngopi dan ngopi! ☕️ #alviansilverbali #LiveMoreSociety #CulinaryChallengeDBS #DBSxHIF @dbsbankid @handsinframe
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