Do you guys have any traditions with your significant other? We have a bunch - ranging from buying each other a Christmas tree ornament each year to Friday night burger nights 😂 - but my favourite of all of them would have to be that every anniversary we get a...
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My rosé partner, my second wardrobe, my token canadian, my constant model, my encourager of all ideas (good or bad, doesn’t matter, she’s in 😂)... my ride or die gal pal for life. She’s a goodie. @christineashleydonaldson
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In today’s episode of Ariana steals her friends’ cute babies...
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R.I.P Weekend. You will be missed.
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Some people would say we got married young. Getting married in your early 20’s is definitely not the norm these days but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The timing of our marriage was perfect and so clearly orchestrated by Him. All those comments of “but you’re...
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Hope your Saturday has been rad XO We’ve had a quiet day here and it’s been the freakin’ best thing ever 💥 — 📷: @christineashleydonaldson
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