Embracing being extra this weekend on our getaway to @foxwoods in Connecticut! It was my first time in this great state, and it did not disappoint. Such an easy, fun weekend trip from the city & we took advantage of every second ✨ #FOXSTAR #EscapeToFoxwoods #MyFoxwoods
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Even though im crying on the inside that I’m not in the Bahamas with Court and @lexiconofstyle There’s nothing quite like a calmer week to catch up on some shopping and getting my room together 🙏🏻 can’t wait to show y’all some sneak peaks!
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Let’s talk about sharks baby 🎶 | @exumabahamas x @aquaquest #exumabahamas
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When you’re on island time 🇧🇸 #bahamamama | workouts by: @equinox, spray tan by: @portofinonyc
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