Love being back at Benjamin Barker Cafe because the food is good and priced affordably 😄
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❄Jiggly Fluff❄by @catandthefiddlecakes is such a perfect cheesecake for this Christmas! ❄Shared it with colleagues and we all love the combination of savory cheese swirls, three rich layers of cream cheese, and whipped cream goodness. ❄Enjoy 20% off the Jiggly Fluff (SGD45) with exclusive code "PINKYCATX"❄ #catandthefiddle
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💙 Blue Pea Panna Cotta Logcake 💙 (0.8kg, $51.20 | 1.2kg, $75.80)?!! The Pine Garden always surprises with its interesting new creations! We tried their other Christmas logcakes including Lemon, Gin & Tonic, Melon Parfait, and Mocha Peppermint Pistachio too but Blue Pea Panna Cotta remains our favourite #pinkypiggucelebrateschristmas
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When you need something big, fluffy, sweet, and pretty in your life, go for Pink Pool Cafe's Cotton Candy Ice Cream! #pinkypigguinkorea #pinkypiggunicole
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