After finishing NaNoWriMo, I gave myself a very necessary break, but 5 December I’m back and ready to get some words out. I’ve been sick this week and my depression is making itself known, but I’ll take advantage of the mood to write and do my best! What are you...
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Sickness has overtaken my life and my amazing husband fixed me soup, then handed me a fork and a straw. 🍜
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I cannot begin to express my love of @groundedplantfloralco in #indianapolis! Two years ago I missed the chance to get one of these beautiful sensitive plants for myself, but I received a call Wednesday saying they had them back in and if I wanted one. Today I went in and...
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I received this compliment this week from a reader and it absolutely made my day/week!! I’ve always worried about my writing and struggled to find my own style, so I’m just so happy someone likes it!!
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