Reminiscing that moment I came to see these towers. Also Im kinda missing the tropical weather but its ok.. its gonna be summer soon..🤗🤗🤗
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As a child I read in books the ligthouses that have helped alot of sailors in the western seas and I would try to paint a picture of those scenes in my mind. But to see them in action and in actuality is truly amazing and mesmerizing. The paintings cannot...
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I thank God for this day. For the strength, the healing, and each blessings You provide, every day is a surprise with You. You have been my answer to every prayer I make and I thank You for Your daily grace and mercy all day everyday. I truly could never...
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One thing that I love about New York is its crazy architecture which reminds me of how crazy artistic and imaginative this diverse city could be. Every twist and turn youll see something instagrammable..👍👍😁😁👍
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