Ya’all had some serious questions about the adorable cozy on my coffee cup today, so here’s the deets: - The sweet, beautiful, and extremely talented @amandajanequeenn makes and sells them. Yes, MAKES THEM! *i told you she was talented* What’s even better is that the money goes towards her missions...
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Give me ALL. THE. COFFEE. ☕️ - Whoever thought 2 days away with a toddler and an infant was going to be relaxing was sadly mistaken *that was me, i was mistaken*. Wesley seemed to enjoy seeing all the “rocks” and “ducks” at the zoo (anything in a water was...
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✨ out of the office ✨ - I’m taking the next few days to enjoy a mini getaway with my family, and ya’all, i cannot wait! I will not be answering any business related emails or messages until Monday. - See ya’all then 👋🏼
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Hannah + Blake’s wedding full of Starbucks, champagne, Converse, BBQ, ice cream, stunning sunsets and so much more is on the blog! - Go check it out (link is in my profile)
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