Hey everyone! I am so happy to go home in a couple of days ???????? Today I started The Sleeping Prince, by @melindasalisbury and so far I am enjoying it a lot. But I still have to take more photos to plants and flowers for my botanic homework ???? ....
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Oh hi! ???? happy Friday, friends! #FloatingYogaSchool
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Happy 6 years in California to me ❤️ A little late as I really landed at SFO around midnight on May 1, 2012. Worked at 2 companies, lived in 4 apartments, made a lot of friends and watched a lot of friends move away. Been a fun 6 years, here's...
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Seguimos inspirando, cada día somos más las que cambiamos nuestros hábitos y nuestra alimentación. . Y no puedo sentirme más feliz de poder ayudar a cambiar sus vidas. ????????????????❤️❤️ . Porque tú no? Que te limita? . Lo que separa estos resultados
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