To shift your life to a higher level, change your frequency. Thoughts, words deeds of goodness all lift your frequency higher. Having breakfast with friends right now.. Tomorrow I will fly to Kuala Lumpur and fly to foreign countries. Everyone can fly no
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Nas lentes desse ensaio, poesia foi escrita com luz capturada no ar, de um tempo já congelado no passado, que revive na mesma medida em que se faz lembrar. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ???????? In the lenses of this essay, poetry was written with light captured in the air, from
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明日5/27(日)新宿ANNEX校の休講代講情報です! Yamato(2Bst)13:45〜 休講 SHiN(2Cst)17:30〜 代講→YUTO※入門 YO-SUKE(2Ast)15:00〜 休講 BORI(2Ast)18:15〜 代講→遠山結子 TOSHIO(2Cst)16:00〜 代講→Fumiya Matsumoto DAIKI(2Cst)14:30〜 休講 以上です!お待ちしております! #dance #dancer #dancers #dancelife #japan #tokyo #shi
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