Calm and relaxed appreciating the autumn leaves and fresh air ????????????☁ 지난주보다 가을빛이 더 들긴 했지만 완연하려면 좀 더 기다려야 하나봐요~ 그래두 사무실 말구 밖에 나와 오르락내리락 하면서 가을 분위기 느끼니까 기분은 참말로 좋네요! ???? 가을가을한 주말 보내셔요 ???????? ____ @seheeintheworld | ????Seoul, Korea . . . . #seoulad
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On 25th April 1974 at dawn, a military coup began in Portugal to overthrow the authoritarian regime which dominated my country for nearly 50 years. It later became known as the Carnation Revolution: almost no shots were fired, no one died, and the soldier
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Tattoo by ???? ???? Tattoo Passion Shop ???? Décorateurs de peaux à Thonon depuis 2005 : 13 ans d'expérience, ça fait toute la difference ;-) ???? Bijoux, fringues et taxidermie ???????? Tattoo Passion organise le salon du tatouage d'Evian
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