Happy Friday! How about a hymn from Martin Luther? This week's video is ‪Grant Peace, We Pray, In Mercy, Lord‬ from our album CROSS HEART ROSE SKY RING. Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel. New videos every Friday…You should subscribe. ???????? ☝️
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@ctmhofficial is celebrating National Papercrafting Month with these super fun #LoveLetters. I’m adding mine to my collection of J’s. They are only available in January, so be quick if you’d like to get your hands on them! ••• Clickable link in profile: h
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溶けそうに暑い日のアイスって最高♡♡  こってり系に見えるけど意外とあっさりしててペロリでした????   #paff #instafood #sweets #名古屋カフェ #ブログ更新
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Visualize the outcome you want, and you will receive the solution to a problem or the best way to overcome a challenge. Happy Holy Merry Christmas to everyone !!! ???? Preparing new blog post which I named it " starter ". It means that I start everything
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