Trackday action: its one of the new kids on the block, with DNA from icons like the 2002 Turbo and the E30 M3. The awesome 370 hp BMW M2! #trackdaynorway #trackday #bmw #m2 #bmwm2 #mpower #bmwm #m3 #turbo #car #supercar #instacar #carporn #racing #audi #p
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I still don't know if in my belly there is a girl or a boy! ???? ????❤️ When I discover a brand that produce their #handmade products I am immediately impressed! Like @bows_by_ri ❤️❤️❤️ for me who works with his hands is to be appreciated! You like these
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@lorealskin torna con #sugarscrub una selezione di 3 zuccheri con ingredienti 100% di originale naturale ! ???????? Pensati anche per chi ha la pelle sensibile, infatti basta esfoliare delicatamente un po’ di prodotto sul viso e sulle labbra per una pelle
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Finally moved into our new home today and i prepared our first dinner here! While i was in the midst of cooking, he suddenly asked me if I got wash the rice before putting in the cooker. Hahaha. I said “虽然我不是wife material 可是不至于不懂米是要洗的” ???? Happy that d
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