Demorei mas tive meus motivos... não conseguia ficar satisfeita com o meu texto sobre @lacasadepapeltv . . Mas agora sim! Corre lá no blog que eu dei minha opinião sobre a série que conquistou o BRASIL! E me conta aqui se você já ta preparado pro retorno
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. . 今日から4日間東京???? . . ゴールデンウィーク明けで、凄い混雑してるw . . 今週なかなかハードスケジュールやけど、木曜まで頑張ろ???????? . . . #いいね #instagood #東京 #tokyo #フォロー #japan #インスタ #フォロバ #仕事 #life #instlike #instgood
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~~we are so glad to have contributed to the change for a better nation. Always a great feeling to strive to achieve a better version of ourselves, every step of the way. To a better future, together, cheers!~~
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Do the smart thing. ???????? We live in a time and age where we’re all so incredibly connected. ⚡️ Technology is amazing and it allows us to keep in touch with our friends an family just about everywhere, means you can take a panoramic photos with the tou
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