Avocado Corn Salsa ???? ???? ???? On the blog today. Check out this fresh and delicious salsa recipe. We eat it on eggs, with tacos or with chips. Happy Tuesday friends!! . https://3ten.ca/recipe-avocado-corn-salsa/
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Lummi Island, you are delightful, despite the 82 stairs and steep driveway it takes to access our beautiful beachfront home. The water on the rocks and the eagles and deer and beachcombing made for a ???????? few days. Sunrise wasn’t bad, either ????
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Another gorgeous fireball sunrise. The frost is thick this morning and it’s a bit nippy, but damn it if it’s not beautiful this morning.... My last commute in from #Barrie this week, then I’m off tomorrow. ???? . . . . . . #landscape #photography #hollan
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