Instant Pot Chicken Pho!! It’s taken me a while to get on the Instant Pot/pressure cooker bandwagon, but after a few hectic weeks of work, I must say I am converted! I made #chickenpho in less than 30 mins on a weeknight! It takes #30minutemeals to a whol
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There are about 1000 things I would change in my performance as #zaralarsson in @twojatwarzbrzmiznajomo but that’s the thing about performing live- you can’t! Singing and dancing and making sure your face doesn’t come kinda hard. Haha! Here’s to
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Ei oo kylmä! Kaikki wapun kuvat - myös lämpimät korikuvat - on julkaistu osoitteessa, käy toki kurkkaamassa ???? // This is not cold! So warm 2,6 °C. You find all wappu photos at, go and check ???? ????: @samitakesphotos @ttkam
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