Finally, the shallots are in the ground! It’s the first time I’ve grown shallots, and I’m so late planting them - fingers crossed they catch up quickly. I’m growing the variety ‘Golden Gourmet’ from @marshalls_seeds - if you’ve grown it before let me kno
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Say hello to this amazing burger with tomatoe sauce, mozzarella, bacon, fried onion and Angus beef ????
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明日5/12(土)新宿ANNEX校の休講代講情報です! KAZUKI(2Ast)20:15〜 休講 井出恵理子(2Cst)14:30〜 代講→伊藤蘭 ERI(2Ast)13:30〜 代講→RinaNawano※ジャンル変更:JAZZ入門 yossi(2Ast)15:00〜 代講→tomoki Kensuke(2Ast)18:45〜 代講→OGA(LightHouse) 以上です!お待ちしております! #dance #dancer #dancers #dancelife #japan #tokyo #shi
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