Homemade crescent rolls. ???? I can't find any word how to describe them. Crunchy crust outside and fluffly like a snowflake inside. They are so good, tasty and scented. I'm thinking to introduce them under copyright dishes of "cook club Osijek". Recipe g
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When was the last time you picked up a dandelion gone to seed and made a wish? Some days you just have to let your inner kid come out to play. ❤️ @heroarts Come Fly with Me stamp set. Clickable link in profile for the details. ••• https://janettekausen.c
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Awesome lunch @nafnafgrill in #chicago ! Chicken schwarma hummus bowl w/ cabbage, onions, salad, and tahini. YUM! ???????????? #healthy #cleaneating #cleaneats #travel #wellness #food #instagood #instadaily #instafood #bbg #tiuteam
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There’s nothing like playing with focal points and finding that you really just nailed your shot on the first go. Shot with my 85mm portrait lens. I don’t usually pull that guy out or even bring it along for travels but I just had a hunch that I’d need it
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