Novità edita Quixote Edizioni, che porta in Italia una storia che non può mancare nei vostri Kindle e nelle vostre librerie. L'autrice, A. M. Hargrove, sarà inoltre presente al Rare del 23 giugno. #apiedinudiacuoreaperto #fortheloveofenglish #amhargrove #
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I’m not where I want to be but, thank you Jesus I’m not where I used to be! I’m on my way. Do not let this short life here get you down. Just keep moving and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Your current situation is NOT your final destination!...
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We❤️our Mums our Guinness! Join us @mahonyandsons to celebrate this glorious day like the Irish ~ all Irish pints are $6 all day long! Cheers ~ Slainte!???????????? • #mahonyandsons #MothersDay2018 #IrishSundays #drinkspecialsvancouver #vancitydrinkspeci
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