Done isi duit raya. Ni yang wajib je tau. Selain parents la. Yang tu SPECIAL sikit. Yang sunat2 kalau bagi tak bersampul ataupun isi sampul on the spot ada lagi. . Style aku ngan wife, kami akan berkongsi. Isi duit dalam sampul, total up then bahagi dua.
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本音と建前。 #落書き #心理 #こういうテイストもかきます #イラスト #instagood #likeforlike #l4l #like4like
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Granola watermelon and strawberries! What could be a better breakfast than this in summer?!???????????? Oh well after this I am off to gym and than picking some strawberries. Mine from the garden are all in my breakfast so I need to get some more!???? Hav
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