With all the new changes to privacy and GDPR, we've been working hard upgrading all our systems. We are also constantly upgrading our products and adding new features. Let us know what you think the #eventtech space is missing in the comments below. #even
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ConfitalReef Green/Dunas????️ _________________ WE MARK YOUR TIME. ???? www.confitalreef.com ???? Europewide Shipping Shops: @programvisionlp @tattosymoda @veryokey @coolshop__telde @wanderlustinside @upsideink @buena_cosecha @mercapuerto @prosurfing
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So we did more eating than shopping @thehalfmoonmarket: ????@yesfolk jasmine tea kombucha | ???? @pippyshotdogtruck ramp pesto pasta salad, Hawaiian dog, Purple Rain dog | ????@begoldenfarms kimchi tahini potato pizza with a farm egg ... [#518eats #kombuc
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Heutiges Abendessen ???? Ingwer Karotten Suppe Zucchini Noodles mit Hähnchen und Erdnuss. Super lecker und viel zu viel, habe es nicht mal geschafft. Zucchini Noodles könnte ich echt jeden Tag essen. Mag ich mittlerweile fast schon lieber als normale Nud
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